Welcome to The Burn Book 👋

This book will help you get started with the Burn deep learning framework, whether you are an advanced user or a beginner. We have crafted some sections for you:

  • Basic Workflow: From Training to Inference: We'll start with the fundamentals, guiding you through the entire workflow, from training your models to deploying them for inference. This section lays the groundwork for your Burn expertise.

  • Building Blocks: Dive deeper into Burn's core components, understanding how they fit together. This knowledge forms the basis for more advanced usage and customization.

  • Saving & Loading Models: Learn how to easily save and load your trained models.

  • Custom Training Loop: Gain the power to customize your training loops, fine-tuning your models to meet your specific requirements. This section empowers you to harness Burn's flexibility to its fullest.

  • Importing Models: Learn how to import ONNX and PyTorch models, expanding your compatibility with other deep learning ecosystems.

  • Advanced: Finally, venture into advanced topics, exploring Burn's capabilities at their peak. This section caters to those who want to push the boundaries of what's possible with Burn.

Throughout the book, we assume a basic understanding of deep learning concepts, but we may refer to additional material when it seems appropriate.